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Botox® Treatments

People try a lot of different miracle cures to slow down the effects of aging, but there’s one safe, simple solution that works every time. Botox® treatments relax the muscles of the face so that wrinkles smooth away. This time-tested therapy helps to erase the lines that the years leave behind and restore your natural beauty once again.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by the repetitive use of facial muscles over time. After a while, this action can build deep creases in your face that rob you of the vigorous glow you once had. Botox® treatments can smooth those fine lines and wrinkles and give you back a smoother complexion.

What is Botox®? How Does Botox® Work?

Also known as Wrinkle Relaxers: Botox®, Dysport, and  Xeomin are all neuromodulators that act to reduce the activity of muscles that cause our overlying skin to wrinkle.  They are safe and effective if used correctly by medical professionals.

In small doses, it can provide a youthful boost to your face. Botox® injections work by blocking the signals that tell face muscles to contract. When the contraction is halted you end up looking years younger thanks to the relaxation of muscles around your eyes and forehead

What Is Botox® Used For?

In cosmetic terms, Botox® is generally used in three trouble spots:

Erasing Frown Lines

The frown lines, sometimes called the 11’s or WTF lines, that form along and between the brows, are one of the first areas of concern.  Botox® can help to minimize these frown lines and over time, one can achieve a more youthful appearance.   

Smoothing Forehead Winkles

The forehead is one problem area that can benefit greatly. Forehead lines receive injections to make a substantial difference in moderate to severe wrinkles.

Diminishing Crows Feet/Squinting Lines

Crow’s feet around the eyes are caused by squinting or smiling. Softening those lines around the eyes can brighten your face and help take years off your age.

Other Botox® Benefits

Botox® can also be used to create a brow lift, lip flip, narrow the jawline, reduce the dimpling effect of the chin, or reduce the appearance of platysmal neck bands. This is sometimes called a Nefertiti Neck lift.  

Who Most Commonly Uses Botox®?

There is no certain age or gender that is associated with Botox® nowadays. Botox® was a process associated with older Hollywood stars. Now women and men, starting in their 20s and 30s, routinely get Botox® treatments.

People in their 20’s and 30’s get Botox® to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, whereas the majority of people who get Botox® are aged 30-65.

How Many Botox® Injections Do You Need?

Our board-certified physician can talk with you and determine how much you need and what can be safely administered. The needles used are extremely small and most people don’t feel the injections at all. 

How Instant are Botox® Results?

You can begin to see small differences within the first few days of your treatment, but the full effect of a round of Botox® can take up to two weeks or more.

The finer the lines are on your face, the faster you might notice results. Everyone’s body chemistry reacts to Botox® differently, so it’s hard to put an exact timeline on the benefits.

Botox® treatments take 5-10 minutes, and results last 3-4 months.

Is Botox® Safe?

Botox® is FDA approved and has been used for over 40 years in cosmetic medicine.  If used by a trained physician, it is an extremely safe and effective method to improve wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face and neck.  Multiple studies have been done and continue to be done currently studying the effects of Botox® in humans. 

Botox® Party – In-Home or At the Office

If our office hours don’t work for you, our concierge service is the perfect solution. We can come to you. We are happy to administer your series of Botox® treatments right in your own home or office.

Perhaps you want to turn your Botox® treatments into a glamorous Ladies’ (or Boys’) day out? We can bring that Botox® beauty to your home and administer treatments for all of your friends. We can also bring this little taste of luxury to your workplace and treat your staff to renewed confidence and a positive outlook.

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Dr. Kristina Ericsson MD, MPH, FACOG is the founder of Ericsson Aesthetics and is a board-certified physician who started her medical career as a board-certified OBGYN. Now she works in the field of Aesthetic Medicine to help people feel great inside and out.

Dr. Ericsson enables her clients to look their best with professional, safe Botox® injections and other injectable treatments. She offers micro-needling and medical-grade chemical peels. She also provides prescription-only medical-grade skincare products.

If you need only a one-time touchup or are looking to enjoy the miraculous benefits of Botox® all year long, contact Ericsson Aesthetics to discuss your options. We have locations in Apex, Greensboro, or Wilkesboro. Let us know how we can help you achieve the glow and timeless look that you desire

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