We hear new acronyms just about every day, don’t we? And sometimes, the initials just don’t stick in our minds for one reason or another. But platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is one to learn about, remember and incorporate into our self-care routines.


So, grab your pen and paper. Let’s take some notes and study PRF.


We know to expect changes to our physical appearance as we age. It is a very normal part of aging, and the ways we look at aging and deal with it are just as unique as every person’s. Naturally, with time, we may notice fine lines and new wrinkles due to our skin losing its elasticity. Our cheeks which were once round and full, may now be losing volume, as are other areas of our face. There are myriad creams, treatments, serums and procedures that one can explore to address those aging signs we may not be so eager to see. However, one stands out beyond all the rest, and its nickname is “liquid gold.”


PRF is one of the newest technologies available in the medical aesthetics space. Thinking back to high school science class, let’s revisit what a platelet is and does in the body. Our blood contains many components, including plasma, white and red blood cells, and platelets. Platelets are tiny cell fragments that have growth factors that support the healing process, particularly in wounds. Platelets also help stimulate stem cells to produce collagen and elastin in your skin. They originate from bone marrow and circulate in our blood. Their main job is to prevent and stop bleeding. Once a blood vessel is damaged, our bodies send messages to platelets. That signal then triggers platelets to travel to the injured area to begin work to heal the damaged blood vessel.


Platelets are very beneficial for us, but they need assistance from a protein called fibrin to help it form blood clots. Fibrin is also located in the blood and helps platelets stick to one another. The two components, once joined, build one barrier to help blood clot.


Now that we have recalled the definition and purpose of a platelet, let’s discuss how we can utilize them to our advantage to help enhance your skin’s beauty and health.


At Ericsson Aesthetics, we create a serum from your own blood products that is then injected into an area of focus on your face. PRF injections comprise a mixture of both healing and regenerative growth factors, creating an ideal opportunity to build fibrin tissue that stimulates stem cells, ultimately improving the skin’s collagen and elastin.


The process is quite complex, but the results are simply undeniable. The PRF substance is created by using the centrifugation process. In case you need a quick refresher as to what that is, it is a mechanical process that utilizes centrifugal force to separate all the particles of a solution. It separates the particles by size, shape, and other delineating features.


The PRF process differs from others as it utilizes a slower spinning process than others. What that slower process allows for is what sets it apart from other similar methods. By processing more slowly, the ideal components of platelets, white blood cells, etc., float toward the top. The substance is then harvested into a syringe and combined with hyaluronic acid to create the “liquid gold” serum.



Is there a difference in PRP?


If you follow science in the medical aesthetics space, you may also be familiar with PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma. Although PRP is a similar serum, PRF is more beneficial in that the process helps to retain up to 10 times the number of platelets while releasing the growth factors at a much slower rate. That helps provide longer-lasting results.


Due to the different processes of spinning the blood, PRF contains more platelets than PRP and better components, helping the dermis to heal better. AND it lasts substantially longer when injected or micro-needled into the skin.




What are the primary benefits of getting Platelet-Rich Fibrin injections?  


I’ve mentioned a few benefits so far, but let’s take a look at several benefits of PRF treatments. 


Promotes Healing


PRF is known to expedite the healing process in your body’s tissues. We’ve noted how the components work together to facilitate healing.  It also works to improve circulation and remove damaged skin cells. It stimulates cellular growth that can improve the appearance of scars, including acne scarring. It also aids in reducing hyperpigmentation.


Increases Elastin


Elastin is an abundant protein in the body. It is found in our bodies tissues and stretches like an elastic rubber band. With PRF, you’ll notice tighter, smoother skin, as well as improvement in tone and texture, as it encourages the increase of your elastin.


Boasts Versatility and Customization


The treatments are as unique as you and your skincare needs and desires. Not only are your PRF treatments customizable to you, but it is versatile as it can be injected into virtually any part of your face. It improves tightness around your eyes, lips and mouth area, and works to eliminate dark circles, among other results highlighted in this list. Additionally, PRF pairs well with other treatments, such as microneedling.


Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines


The PRF substance fills in the hollows that begin to appear with age, which reduces the visibility of those wrinkles and fine lines for up to a year following your treatment.


Improves overall skin texture


With the additional boost of collagen, uneven skin tone and texture are improved. It smooths the areas, allowing for cell regeneration and overall skin rejuvenation.


Creates long-lasting results


While every person is different, you’ll see initial results instantly. You’ll then notice more results in the first three weeks and full, long-term effects following your initial results that last up to a year.


Touts short downtime, discomfort and side effects


Clients resume normal activities directly following PRF treatments. Because the needles are small, discomfort is minimal, and the side effects are typically only temporary redness.


Reaches multiple layers of skin


PRF reaches past the superficial layers, unlike PRP, which is outlined below. This allows for deeper skin rejuvenation, better results, and longer-lasting benefits.


Provides all-natural treatment


The PRF substance is 100 percent natural. It uses only your own body’s blood components, which helps create a natural-looking result.




So, what can you expect when you visit Ericsson Aesthetics for your PRF treatment?


First and foremost, as your MD, I will meet with you to ensure you are a good candidate for PRF. Whether you’re looking for prevention of the signs of aging or wanting to correct certain nuances of your face, you would benefit from a consultation. I will share the entire step-by-step process with you, from your initial consultation to the final PRF treatment. We’ll also discuss expectations of results and what to expect following treatment. Together, we’ll formulate a customized plan that may include a series of sessions over 2-3 months, depending on which skin concerns you wish to address.


On your appointment day, we will draw the blood needed for the PRF treatment. The needles used throughout the process are small and cause minimal discomfort. As mentioned earlier, the blood enters a spinning process in a centrifuge for the blood components to separate. Once the spinning process is complete, we take only the best components (plasma, platelets, blood cells) that rise to the top layer of the substance for your treatment, as they provide the most abundant amount of growth factors. 


Following this process, the newly formed PRF serum is then injected into your skin, where you are looking to improve. The serum is then working in multiple ways. The platelets encourage the release of growth factors, which stimulate collagen, new skin cells, and blood vessels. Meanwhile, the white blood cells help to slow the release, encouraging the process to continue over time.


Once the treatment is complete and you’re back at home, you’ll notice minimal side effects, with some redness initially to be expected. The treatment continues to work and enhance your results day by day. As the treatment continues to work, you can resume your usual activities as you would normally. You may experience some redness or irritation at the point(s) of injection, but that will lessen and completely disappear shortly after.


What results can I expect to see?


While you will definitely notice amazing results right away, it takes time to see the optimal results of PRF injections. Above all else, you will notice how natural looking your results are. That’s because the PRF process is natural, with your own blood components being utilized. Within about 3-4 weeks of your PRF treatment, you will notice your skin becoming smoother and fuller. You’ll especially see any wrinkles and fine lines begin to smooth out as well.


The bottom line is PRF garnered the term “liquid gold” by earning it. It is a treatment that yields natural results to skin rejuvenation that past treatments and procedures simply could not achieve. Let Ericsson Aesthetics help you achieve your aesthetic goals and enjoy your skin but better!