Dr. Ericsson

PRP vs PRF: What is the difference?

Platelet-rich plasma, is often used in medical aesthetics procedures to is natural growth factors and regenerative ability.  Platelet-rich fibrin is different than platelet-rich plasma in that the process to spin the blood is slower, therefore it helps to retain up to 10 times the amount of platelets, growth factors, and lets the growth factors be released at a slower rate over one week rather than over 24 hours.

While PRP and PRF both contain healing and regenerative growth factors, PRF contains more platelets per microliter in addition to leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells. The advantage of PRF is a more effective serum that lasts substantially longer when injected or micro-needles into the dermis, therefore, making PRF the best choice when deciding which treatment to use.

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